Soft Light SL-288A Square

Rs. 10,999

Details & Care

Looking for a device that enhances the results of travel photography, food photography, fashion photography, or shooting portraits or do you want the results of your photography as that of the results of Hollywood media? Soft Light Square SL-288A proffers you exactly all that you want.

The soft light square is flattering to the face and body enough, producing the excellent results and eliminating the edges that distract the face from the natural tones. It gives you natural like results to a high degree.

It’s perfectly suitable for photography light, camera and so on. The product comes with advanced features and lighting capacities that make it a perfect fit for your photography of any kind. 


  • Power: 40W
  • Luninance: 800 Lux/ 1m
  • Color randering index: 95
  • Battery: NP-F970/F770/F550
  • Made In China
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