by Press Officer
Welcome to Pakistan's New Online Marketplace

Covering everything from kitchen appliances to sound and vision, laptops and computers to mobiles and cameras, shopsmart is Pakistan’s new online marketplace. With multiple vendors already signed up, and many more in the pipeline, the whole team are very excited about our launch. Little more than a year ago, this was just an idea, but today with the input of a dedicated and focused team we have managed to bring this idea to life.

Aiming to give both large and small retail businesses the ability to sell their products directly via the shopsmart marketplace, our goal is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, and market products that reach a broader range of customers across Pakistan and beyond. With the recent pandemic driving so much business online, we hope that Pakistanis in the cities and smaller towns will look to online businesses like shopsmart and by so doing, invest in helping the Pakistani business community recover and thrive. At a time when eCommerce has never been more important, shopsmart gives its Merchant Partners (vendors) a safe, secure, efficient, and permanent home to sell their products online. 

Backed by a group of likeminded individuals, our aim is to bring Pakistan into the digital age and provide a transparent and customer driven shopping experience for all our visitors. Although we started planning in early Jan 2020, we did not foresee the obstacles we would have to overcome. Everything from developing the platform to integrating payment and signing our first vendor has come with its own set of challenges. That said, time has absolutely whizzed by and now almost 12 months later and a lot of sleepless nights, we are proud to launch the beta version of our marketplace. 

Today is a big day for all of us - Not only are we excited to show our friends, family and the world what we have been working on, but we are ready to shift from living in the future to the present. For months, we have focused on the question - When shopsmart is launched? Planning, designing, developing, and promising to all those that have supported us. Now that our plans have started to flourish, reality kicks in and with that the real work begins!  

And so, as we roll into 2021, which signals the start of our journey and a chance for us to engage with and grow our community, we would like to get your feedback about what you think about the platform? How you think we can grow our community? But above all, how we can best serve our customers and business partners? If you have any  suggestions whatsoever, please drop us your thoughts via our Contact Us page on our website or on our Facebook or Insta pages. 

In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read this, for believing in us and for sharing and spreading the word about shopsmart to get us going. 

Shahid Awan (CEO)

For media requests including news, interviews and latest product updates, contact shopsmart or call us on +92 518 433 347.