by Press Officer
The shopsmart Mantra - SEE IT. LIKE IT. BUY IT.

Pakistan’s new online marketplace, shopsmart will be launching in the coming months. This new venture aims to be a unique B2C platform providing an array of products coupled with a great user experience to both national and international residents.

shopsmart will allow its sellers, which it refers to as Merchant Partners to set their own competitive pricing for the products they sell, while simultaneously providing customers with a choice of the best deals to suit their specific needs.

Aiming to provide a unified eCommerce platform backed by a fast and friendly Pakistan based support team, the marketplace intends to capture buyers from across Pakistan and beyond by providing them with a free shop URL, mobile optimised website and complete transparency and security during the transaction process.

Sellers can apply to join shopsmart by simply completing an online application form, which is then reviewed by the Vendor Management team, after which the process is taken offline. However, be warned, not every seller is automatically accepted on to the platform, as each one is personally vetted by the in-house team before joining. To this effect, shopsmart claim to only sign-up sellers who are successful in passing their rigorous assessment process and hence only choose the best and able partners.

Whilst shopsmarts role is to facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers through the provision of their online platform, the company claims that their core focus is on the technology, the marketing and getting customers through the door, so sellers can concentrate on product quality, dispatch and expanding their customer base.

With the mantra, SEE IT. LIKE IT. BUY IT. shopsmart has created a positive, memorable phrase that it hopes will stick in customer’s heads and ensure the brand is recognized throughout Pakistan. 

For media requests including news, interviews and latest product updates, contact shopsmart or call them on +92 518 433 347.