by Press Officer
New B2C Platform offers hope for Digital Pakistan

shopsmart (SMC-Private) Limited registered in Islamabad, will soon be launching a new marketplace called shopsmart that will offer thousands of products from a wide range of retailers all over Pakistan.

This new B2C platform is set to provide customers with one easy, convenient destination to view a range of products from a variety of curated sellers, all from the comfort of their armchairs and hence further boost Pakistan’s current digital program.

Allowing multiple sellers to upload their own product catalogues as well as set their own pricing for the products they sell on the platform, shopsmart will allow customers the opportunity to compare products, which in turn it believes will help drive sales, as well as provide powerful data and insights to a seller’s business. By focusing on the technology, the marketing and getting customers through the door, it is targeting sellers to concentrate on product quality, dispatch and expanding their customer base.

Senior Vendor Manager, Armughan Butt commented, ‘When building the shopsmart marketplace, one of the core things at the back of our mind has been the user experience for our customers. An experience that is often lacking in Pakistani online businesses. We aim to boast our user experience through detailed product information, interactive product images and seller reviews. By partnering with some big retailers from all over the country, we want to ensure customers only have access to genuine products, all backed by an exemplary customer services team.’

The eventual aim is to offer a wide range of merchandise, but during the initial launch phase, this new start-up is only working with retailers who specialise in the electrical and electronic genre. Offering everything from home appliances, laptops and computers, televisions, mobile phones, cameras, and other related goods, they are looking to unite like-minded sellers, brands, and products into one single platform, in a single experience.

The company is committed to creating a platform that is reliable yet distinct, backed by a great user experience via unified commerce platform that will eventually provide access to millions of potential customers to purchase products from anywhere around the globe.

For media requests including news, interviews and latest product updates, contact shopsmart or call them on +92 518 433 347.