by Press Officer
shopsmart gearing up as a premium shopping destination

Online marketplace shopsmart is gearing up to unveil its premium shopping destination to Pakistani consumers and provide them access to high-end vendors.

With a planned launch in early Dec 2020, shopsmart will start by covering key locations such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, and will stock brands like Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic amongst others.

As a new premium destination, shopsmart aims to help vendors enhance customers’ online shopping experiences by taking advantage of technology and customer insights.

This important launch comes at a time where new online portals are emerging in Pakistan, and eCommerce is beginning to grow at a rapid rate.  shopsmart plans to complement vendors online offerings by giving them the opportunity to invest in online tech and ride the growing e-commerce wave.

shopsmarts’s Customer Services Manager, Abdul Mateen believes that the increasing demand to sell premium products online by vendors is further fueling consumer behavior. He commented, ‘I think online shopping in Pakistan continues to grow and at the moment there’s a massive surge in demand for anything electronic, especially products that revolve around being at home, such as working from home and keeping yourself entertained when you can’t go out. Consumers are driven my tech and that’s where we at shopsmart feel we can bridge the gap’, he says.

To engage and attract consumers, shopsmart will feature special exclusive deals, as well as vendor spotlights to showcase certain vendors and their offerings along with articles and videos.

Additionally, the vendors will be allowed to put forth video tutorials and reviews themselves.

Shoppers will be able to gain access to exclusive vendor content and collaborations during the site’s launch in the coming months. 

For media requests including news, interviews and latest product updates, contact shopsmart or call them on +92 518 433 347.