Head & Shoulder Classic Shampoo

Rs. 240

Details & Care

Confidently wear whatever color you like with Head & Shoulders Classic shampoo that gives you dandruff-free scalp with its rich-lathering formula; a proven protection from oil, dandruff, itching and flakes.

The powerful 3 action formula gently cleans, protects and moisturizes hair for vibrant look and fresh feel all day long. It has light clear scent – a perfect first step in your daily hair care routine.

Regular use of Head & Shoulder not just removes dandruff but also nourish your scalp with three surface layers that prevents flakes, dryness and itch, the major reasons of dandruff. American dermatologists proved pH-balanced formula, the shampoo gently fights against seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp conditions related to dandruff.


  • Cleans, protects and moisturizes hair
  • Powerful 3 action formula
  • Dermatologists proved pH-balanced formula
  • Ideal usage: dandruff/flakes/dryness and itch
  • Volume: 185ml
  • Head & Shoulders
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