Haeger Blower Heater

Rs. 2,999

Details & Care

Haeger presents you its power-packed blower heater that keeps your winters warm and summers cool. The well-designed blower heater comes with 2 heating powers that operate on 1000/2000 W. Select your required thermostat according to the season from its cool, warm and hot wind.

The easy to carry design need very less physical space which means you can place it anywhere inside or even the outside for cool or hot wind. Haeger equipped its blower heater with adjustable room thermostat and automatic control temperature that gives you complete control over your blower.

It has power indicator light that lets you know about blower power status. To keep your loved one save this stunning blower has overheat protection that automatically turns it off after reaching the certain heat level. 


  • 2 heating powers
  • Adjustable room thermostat
  • Automatic control temperature
  • Cool/warm/hot wind selection
  • Over heat protection
  • Power indicator light
  • Made In China
  • Delivery, collection & returns

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