Genny Beauty Soap

Rs. 195

Details & Care

The most recommended soap by dermatologists, Genny beauty soap is the best moisturizer soap your skin needs. Its tantalizing fragrance enhances your beauty more and gives your skin a more attractive look. Its formula includes all the natural ingredients that help in purifying your skin in a few uses without harming your skin. 

Get a naturally white and beautified skin with Genny beauty soap that is available in 6 different herbs and remedy ingredients so you can choose the one that your skin needs and that suits you the best. 

Stop adding creams and lotions to your skin-care kit because now when you have the Genny beauty soap, you don’t need to take other measures for your skin and this soap itself is enough for your beautiful skin.


  • Whitening and moisturizing beauty soap
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pure and moisturized skin
  • Ideal usage: dry and rough skin
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