Engish Anti Lice Shampoo

Rs. 120

Details & Care

Every mother at some point fights against kid’s lice that not only looks bad but are very unhealthy as well. To give you the best defense against lice, English anti-lice shampoo is at your service. Protect your kids from stubborn head lice and itching that makes you embarrass in front of other.

With the regular use of English anti-lice shampoo, you’ll notice clean, lice-free head. It not only removes lice but make your hair strong and shiny. A best head lice treatment shampoo as it kills lice and their eggs from recurring just after one wash.


  • Anti-lice shampoo
  • Kills headlice and its eggs
  • Stop reoccurance of lice just after one wash
  • Ideal usage: headlice
  • English
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