Clear Shampoo Dry Scalp & Itch Control

Rs. 245

Details & Care

Get a perfect blend of combating dandruff and relieving the scalp from dryness with Clear (Dry Scalp & Itch Control) shampoo. Its fast-acting formula provides protection against dry scalp. The Nutrium 10 formulated shampoo combines 10 nutrients and botanical actives for the provision of complete smooth and anti-dandruff head. Sooth your itchy scalps with Clear (Dry Scalp & Itch Control) shampoo as it contains lavender that fights off the dandruff.

Specially made for women, the shampoo targets itch; dryness; and dandruff and increases scalp’s natural resistance and revitalizes your hair from root to tip. Clear (Dry Scalp & Itch Control) shampoo Is formulated with Nutrium 10 to battle dandruff and is the most suitable shampoo for everyday use so you can fight off the dandruff problem easily after a few uses.


  • Nutrium 10
  • Dry Scalp & Itch Control
  • Smooth and anti-dandruff hair
  • Ideal for dry scalp, itch and dandruff
  • Volume:185 ml
  • Clear
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