Lynca UKD-11D/UKD-22S Camera Waist Buckle

Rs. 3,999

Details & Care

Camera waist buckle LYNCA UKD-11D/UKD-225 is a multifunctional camera belt that could be your perfect partner for outdoor activities. It is designed especially for photographers and vloggers. This stainless-steel belt buckle can easily be attached to your belt, with this, your camera hangs securely on pin besides quickly be snapped in and out.

The stainless-steel fitting ensures its reliability and durability, enabling you to use it securely. It can be used directly on belt, camera shoulder straps and backpack shoulder straps. It is easy to use and enables you to carry the tripod to meet your additional requirements and providing you with a complete package.

The belt is made up of using fabrics and solid material to dodge shaking while taking pictures which is a must to do thing while riding, climbing or having any other outdoor activity. It best suits to the outdoor adventures. 


  • Saftey locks
  • Metal hoops
  • Aluminum alloy hanging clip
  • Metal button waist plate connection
  • Lynca
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