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About Adyala Electronics

Adyala Electronics specializes in a wide range of household appliances, kitchen appliances and electrical products. This is what we do best, although these products are just a part of what we offer overall. Shop with us for blenders to dishwashers, grills and ovens, to spin dryers, washing machines and 4K TV's to HDR recorders - We at Adyala Electronics do it all. Located in Rawalpindi, our showroom displays a good selection of built in and freestanding appliances, as well as TV's, radios and digital recorders. We also offer a wide range of bulbs, accessories, vacuum bags and spare parts.

Most of our products are usually in stock, but if not they are available to order. Please order we complete security and peace of mind via our online partner, shopsmart. By partnering with shopsmart, we will be able to show a much wider range of appliances than it would be possible to display in store. 

Installation of appliances in gas and electric is available in most areas, please drop us a note if you prefer to have your purchases professionally installed. 

Thank you and we look forward to your custom.

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